Actor, Improviser, Very Funny Lady

  Hello and welcome to my digital home, please make yourself comfortable!

   If you were looking to learn more about Shira Wilson, the Chicago-based actor and comedian, rest at ease, you are in the right place! 

If you were hoping to learn more about the Shira Wilson, the chocolate connoisseur and giraffe enthusiast, you are also in the right place though you may be disappointed with the content. 

   I have been performing across Chicago and correcting the pronunciation of my name (Shy-ra, not She-ra) doing improv, standup, theater, sketch, and film.  You can regularly see me performing with the Harold team Dig at iO theater and as an ensemble member of Baby Want’s Candy at The Second City. 

      Take a look at some of my work and please feel free to [reach out] if you have any questions/comments about my career, giraffes, or are in need of chocolate recommendations!